Swimming Pools


Swimming Pools

We design and construct domestic swimming pools both indoors and outside using the latest technologies in construction, filtration, and lighting. Our landscaping expertise means that we will finish the pool surroundings in one seamless operation.

Natural Swimming Ponds

We work closely with Poolscape Ltd who are proud to be in partnership with Biotop of Austria.
Biotop are the market leaders, having created thousands of natural swimming ponds in Europe. They were the first company to develop the concept and their innovative systems are tried and tested. The majority of Biotop natural swimming ponds may be visited by prospective customers. For a detailed explanation of how the Biotop Natural Swimming Pond works, visit the Biotop site at www.biotop-natural-pool.com
We have Full laboratory and problem solving support from Biotop headquarters.
A Biotop Natural Swimming Pond offers:

  • Swimming in chemical free water.
  • A beautiful amenity all year round.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Fun and education for children and adults.
  • An ecologically balanced haven for wildlife.
  • A healthy, ionised micro-climate.
  • A wonderful asset for entertaining in your garden.

Clients choosing to have a Biotop Natural Swimming Pond built by Poolscape will benefit from:

  • Prior visits to our show pool and other Biotop pools.
  • Professional Pool & surrounding landscape design by an award winning designer.
  • Personal service and attention to detail.
  • The promotion of ecologically powered pumps, heaters and lighting.
  • The installation and building of pool houses and other facilities.
  • Top quality decks and jetties.
  • Carefully thought out and executed planting schemes.
  • Maintenance contracts to clear annual plant growth & retain water quality