Show Garden Builders

We have experience of building show gardens both large and small at many of the showground’s in the UK. Our flexible, can do approach allows us to work alongside designers bringing their ideas to life. A great deal of experience and planning goes into every show garden build to ensure a successful conclusion. Our talents are not just limited to Show Gardens, we can give that designer touch to a trade stands too.

Water Features

Streams and Waterfalls

To look natural streams and waterfalls need to appear to have been carved out of the landscape. This requires bold excavation of the ground and far more use of natural materials’ such as tree stumps and stone than is often anticipated otherwise the result is too often unnatural and short lived.
The correct choice of stone is important to ensure its authenticity and more importantly the ability to place rocks effectively to create the desired effect. This requires a great deal of skill and experience of which we are proud of.
Contemporary features on the other hand often require precision and accuracy to deliver the desired result this requires careful calculation to ensure the correct volume and depth of water to create the desired results.

Pond Construction
With a background in the aquatics industry we have a wealth of experience in the construction and maintenance of water gardens. We know the best construction techniques, have access to the best products available and know how to use them with stunning results.
No two ponds are the same and no two pond owners are either se we listen to your requirements and then recommend the most appropriate solutions.
We have a wealth of experience in the construction of Koi pools, lake management, fountain technology and of course the classic garden pond.
Whatever you are looking for from a simple pebble pool to a large natural lake we have the skills and resources to make your dreams a reality.

Fish Transportation and Storage

Our ranges of specially designed storage vats are ideal for the temporary and long term storage of fish and plants.
Often the contents of a pond need to be housed whilst their home is getting a spring clean or upgrade.
If  you are moving house we can transport your fish using either our vehicle mounted tanks or pack them in bags containing pure oxygen and water. We can then house your fish whilst we build them a new pond.

Specialist Lining

In addition to being able to supply and install standard rubber flat sheet liners the scope of our work requires the use of further more specialist systems. Our staff are trained in the following applications:

  • Flag Soprema PVC-V and TPO membranes.
    These membranes are welded on site using Leister hot air welding tools. This allows us to provide a bespoke waterproofing layer in a range of colours. Particularly suited to swimming pools and natural swimming ponds this lining method is now becoming increasingly popular in the Koi industry.
  • Firestone EPDM.
    We are an installer of Firestone pond liners, We have many years experience with Firestone systems and have completed Firestone’s pond installation training program. This allows us to site weld flat sheets together as well as produce bespoke installations.
  • Fibreglass.
    Glass fibre is an excellent and very suitable material for use in pools and water features. It is resistant to weathering and temperature variations and provides a water tight, smooth and easy to clean surface. We prepare and dry the surface ready for our specialist subcontractor  to apply the final coat.
  • Box Welded liner.
    Manufactured off site these liners are tailored to fit the exact shape of the pool. Particularly useful then lining circular or rectangular pools they eliminate unsightly creases. Often manufactured with a flange installation is quick and easy. Pipe details and bottom drains are fitted on site as with flat sheet liners.

Aquatic Plants

We work with Wetland Plants the UK’s leading supplier of Aquatic plants. Our specialist aquatic plant knowledge allows us to provide a complete design supply and plant service to a range of clients. Our services are used by many businesses in industries such

Planting Schemes

Our links and contacts with some of the country’s leading nurseries allows us to supply and plant a massive range of soft landscaping. From small root trainers to giant root balls we can provide a comprehensive ground preparation and planting service.



We provide a range of commercial services to a wide range of businesses including construction, maintenance, training and promotional activities. We work closely with facilities managers and ground staff to ensure things run smoothly whether we are taking on a single project of carrying out regular routine maintenance.
Our staff are trained in Site Safety Awareness and we carry a range of qualifications for plant and machinery such as: 360 Excavators up to 45 tonnes, dumper trucks up to 25 tonnes, JCB Backhoe Loaders, Tele handler Counterbalance fork truck, Loading Shovel, High Tip Dumper. We are registered with CMPE and carry comprehensive Public Liability Insurance.

Garden Electrical

Part P of the building regulations now requires you to notify the Building Control Authorities if you intend to have electrical work done in the garden or it must be done by a Part P qualified electrician. There is no room here for DIY Electrics as it is simply too dangerous.
This would mean of course that if you had an installation which was not correctly certified, your house insurance may not be valid.
Unlike many other landscape contractors we comply fully with the government Part P legislation. This allows us to complete construction projects without the delays and conflicts sometimes associated with dealing with several subcontractors for different aspects of the build.
Many domestic electrical contractors prefer not to get involved in the ground works which are often involved with outdoor electrical installations. We are experienced in either working along side your electrical contractor or taking on the whole project.